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Ready, set...Valentine's Day!


Ready, set…Valentine’s Day!

Well, here we are, my first Valentine's Day in the flower business. We don't have any greenhouses up and running yet, so nothing is blooming this time of year. I would love to reach the point, where all of my designs are 100% sourced from the farm; but, that is on the someday wish list. For now, wholesale flowers are my friend!

Rather than taking custom orders, I offered one unique design that included a dozen roses to give a nod to tradition, but with a twist... the arrangement included red and orange roses with pops of purple.

BTW, on this journey, I discovered that I LOVE stock! Oh my goodness, the color, texture, and smell of these beauties is just fantastic! I decided to add them to my spring plantings and placed a huge seed order (way too many, probably!), right after Valentine's. Thank you Johnny's Select Seeds!

So, here we go...overnight hydration and assembly in the morning. With the cool nighttime temperatures, I'm able to leave these lovely blooms in our unheated (but attached to our house) sunroom overnight. A cooler is in the plan for the spring, but this space works great for the time being.

Amy Akers